"Sleep well, Sara." I replied, and watched as she walked away. nude brides At the doorway, she turned and looked at me as if she had just thought of something

"Mom, Was that a new robe that was lying wife gang rape on your bed when we got home today? I don't think I have ever seen you wearing it before." She stated

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That was slut bride photos a question that I hoped would not be asked, but felt that I must answer it to see if she had noticed anything else. "No, Dear. Not a new one, but one that I wear on special occasions for your Father. I am sure when you are married that you will understand the need for having special clothing to show your husband.

"Yeah, Mom. I chubby bride hardcore already know how clothing affects the males." She grinned

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As she turned away and bride xxx left the room, I breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that the true account of the purpose of the robe was still my secret. I watched TV for a while longer, but my mind was not on the TV. As I stared at the screen, my mind was replaying the day with Jake. As always, Jake had continued to make me feel his power and dominance over me. Today had been different, in the sense that he went out of his normal habit of cumming when he wanted to. Not that it was a big issue with me, for he had provided me with plenty of orgasms, but I did miss the powerful squirts and thrusts of his prick in my pussy. Making me take the bottle into my pussy was a deviation from the norm, but so were the frequent changes in sexual positions that he required me to assume

There were a lot of differences that Jake forced bride demanded from me that other lovers never seemed to require. I had several lovers who wanted me to deep-throat their cocks, and some of them I did deep-throat, but Jake just rammed it down my throat without concern for me. I was a bit concerned when he cut off my breathing long enough to cause me to pass out, but the orgasm during that time was very intense. Fortunately, I had survived all of his unusual requests with nothing more than a sore pussy. Deep-throating his cock to the point of passing out and him forcing the bottle into my cunt proved a point that I was able to accept even larger objects into my mouth and cunt than I had previously thought

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I wondered what other changes he might want me to accept. bride blowjob movie I just couldn't get my mind to focus on the TV, so I turned it off and sat silently in the darkened room. The memories of all the things I had done with Jake over the last few weeks, flooded through my mind. The images were sharp and clear as I thought back to the first time that I yielded to his desires. A sense of guilt was always there when I thought of Monty and the girls. I had been so close to being caught by the girls today, barely beating them home, not to mention the car with the two men that had followed me, seeing me naked and fully exposed to their gaze

I shuddered ravished bride as I realized the dangerous ground I was treading on. Now that I had time to think about it, I realized that it was possible that the two men had written down my license plate number and it would be relatively easy to obtain my name and address. They probably lived in the neighborhood. Did they know Jake? Who's house was it that we had spent the day in? With all of these unanswered questions running through my mind seemed to strengthen my need to regain my life and rid myself of Jake and his control over me

But, How? Do I just tell him bride & wedding & slut & humiliation to stay away and leave me alone? That I will not make any trouble for him? Or, do I confess it all to Monty and beg his forgiveness? But reason told me that either way had it's risks. What if Monty would not forgive and forget my transgressions and kicked my ass out, never letting me see the girls again? In my mind it seemed more logical to appeal to Jake to leave me alone. It was actually his word against mine and the accusation of sexual harassment against him would go a long way toward keeping it just between him and I. After all, he was my husband's boss and was able to influence Monty's job performance. The more I thought about it, it seemed to be the best solution to my problem. As far as I knew, Jake and I were the only one's who knew anything about our affair and if he would agree to just let it drop, then it would go no farther.

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With these thoughts in my mind, I bride porn made my way to my bedroom. Jake had told me that he would call me tomorrow and I was determined to tell him of my decision to break off our sexual affair. I went into my bathroom and undressed. Standing in front of my full length mirror, I scanned my body for any marks or bruises. My pussy lips looked red and swollen and when I touched them they felt sore. Considering what had happened to them, I felt that I was fortunate to have nothing more than a bit of soreness. I slipped my nightgown over my head and turned out the light. I made my way to the bed and slid between the cool sheets. At least having sex away from home had prevented the staining of the sheets with Jake's cum, but it had it's own set of problems, too. Such as the travel time. Again, I shuddered at the thought of getting caught. This had to stop

For a long time wife rape I lay there in the darkness, my mind replaying the words that I hoped would end this stressful situation. Should I beg and plead with him? Well, logic told me that begging and pleading had not worked with Jake before and had little chance of success. On the other hand, being defiant and threatening seemed to be the best choice. After all it was my word against his. He had no proof that we were having an affair. I could deny it ever happened. If he wouldn't listen to me, then I would just call the police. It occurred to me that I should have reported him at the start, but it was my fault that I gave in to his advances at the company event. Somehow I figured that it would be a one night stand and be over and forgotten, but it had not turned out that way

I really did not want to nasty russian brides hurt Jake in any way. I just wanted to get out of his control. I could not deny the excitement that he stirred up in me. Was it a hidden desire of mine to be treated as a slut and whore? What would happen if Jake did agree to stop fucking me? Would he in turn take it out on Monty, cause him to lose his job? Monty had been with the company for a lot of years and like all working people was making plans for retirement. To lose the income as well as the fringe benefits, could and would be a disaster to us as a family. Surely, Jake would not go that far. But what if he did? Could Monty start all over with another company? Somehow, I began to dread my decision. Perhaps Jake and I could work out an alternate plan

Sleep was a long time in coming and as I tossed nude russian women brides and turned in my bed, struggling to decide which way to go, and my thoughts kept returning to Jake. Handsome and aggressive in sex was a definite plus. Not that Monty was a bad lover, but there was a big difference between them. Monty could usually satisfy me sexually, but the lure and wonder of different cocks seemed to stir my sexual desires to a point of desperation. Jake had come into my life at one of those times and I was helpless to resist his advances. Not only did Jake have control over me, he had control over himself. I was amazed at his ability to withhold his orgasm much longer than other men in my life, as well as his ability to recover his erection quickly

I couldn't deny that I wouldn't miss naked russian brides the thrill and excitement of seeing and feeling that large, rigid cock working it's way in and out of my ass, mouth or pussy. Sleep finally come over me, but my sleep was filled with dreams of Jakes large, rigid prick floating around my bed just out of reach, and his face hovering over me with that same leering, all knowing smile on his lips

The harsh BRINGGGG of the alarm clock caused me to shut bride blowjob movies my eyes tighter and groan loudly. I wanted to push the snooze button and go back to sleep, but I knew I had better get up. I rolled onto my back and stretched my legs, feeling the tightness of the muscles. Memories of Jake and our activities of yesterday made me realize the strenuous actions were the cause. My night gown was bunched up around my waist and I recalled the fitful dreams I was having. On impulse, I spread my thighs and felt of my pussy. The outer lips were still puffy, but the longer, inner lips were very wet and slick with my moisture. raped wife

Jake had not wife rape fucked my pussy, at all. He had cum in my mouth and ass, but the bottle, dildo, and vibe were the only items used on my cunt. I probed deeper between my lips and felt the slight soreness just inside my pussy where the shoulders of the bottle had stretched the opening to my cuntal sheath. The wetness was obviously from the dreams I was having as I slept. The term, wet dream, comes to mind and although rare for me, I had experienced them before, especially if I was highly excited

Pushing these thoughts to the back of my mind, bridal fucking I arose and made my way to the bathroom. After relieving myself, I stripped off my gown and turned on the shower. In minutes I was feeling better and as I toweled myself off, I wondered how I should dress for today. Jake had only said that he would call me, but all the other times he had insisted that I meet him at the door, naked. Knowing that I was going to face him with my decision to stop seeing him, caused me to opt for only a robe this morning. After brushing my teeth, I wrapped my wet hair in a towel, applied a small amount of make-up, and slipped on my robe. A quick look in the mirror and I was ready bride fucked wedding naked

I made coffee, and brides bondage set the bowls on the table for the girl's fruit and cereal and glasses for milk or juice. A cup for my coffee was also sat at the table as I wanted to share what time I could with my daughters. I then went to the front door and opened it, looking for the morning paper, As usual, the paper boy had missed the front step, and the paper was lying in the grass. I hurriedly made the few steps to it and bent over to pick it up. The cool morning air caressed my swinging tits and immediately, I felt the nipples pucker and harden. The coolness of the air also swirled around my thighs; ass and pussy, making me recall the dash from my car to Jake, completely naked to anyone who might be looking. Was I becoming an exhibitionist also? Damn, that Jake! Why was he able to make me do things like that? Were these hidden desires of my own

Sara was the first to arrive in the roped and raped bride kitchen. She said good morning and kissed my cheek. Sara was such a lovely girl, blooming into a mature woman so quickly. I watched her moving about the kitchen, admiring how she looked. I felt a bit of envy for the young man she was dating. I hoped that she would have the happiness of growing up and experiencing the excitement of love and all the things that teens were supposed to do. I could recall the good times I had at that age. We had casual conversation as she ate her cereal. Melissa soon joined us and then it was time to go to school. I kissed each of them on the cheek and hugged them as they went out the door stories of raped and tortured wives bride sex

Breathing a wedding bride bondage sigh, I watched them walking away. They were so innocent and trusting. I retrieved my coffee cup and newspaper from the kitchen table and sat on the sofa in the living room. Try as I might, I couldn't get interested in the paper and my thoughts kept returning to Jake and our activities of yesterday. As those thoughts flowed through my mind, I was both embarrassed and excited. I couldn't deny the pleasure I had with Jake, but it embarrassed me to know that I did it so willingly.

Well, there had been no sexy latin brides harm done. I recalled the episode with the men in the car seeing me dashing for the car and them following me for a time. I was aware that they had seen me naked and was curious but, I hoped that it would end there. They were strangers to me and they had gotten a bit of excitement out of my nakedness, so what was the harm? My main concern was Jake and my determination to challenge his control over me. I knew that if our affair continued, it was sure to be found out. I ran the possibilities through my mind and besides the girls and Monty; there were the neighbors to consider. After all the parading of me around the house naked and even making me do sexual things in front of open windows was a sure opportunities for someone to witness our affair. wedding sex party sexy nude bride pics

If Monty found slut bride sexy out about Jake and I, how would he react? I really had no answer to that. I hoped that he would forgive me but the possibility of divorce was very strong. The girls were also an unknown factor. I could only hope that they would be more understanding about the situation than their father might be. Would they keep it a secret from him to keep our family together? I was sure that they would be more understanding, especially after they were older and knew what marriage and sexual activity was all about.

Knowing that bride blowjob movie concentrating on the paper was a lost cause; I got up and returned to the kitchen. I put the breakfast dishes away and went to my bedroom. I went to my top drawer and picked out my bra and panties for the day, determined that there would be no sexual activity with Jake today, even if he showed up. Out of habit, I searched the far corner and found my dildo and vibe. With them was the handkerchief of Jakes, still crisp and stiff from our dried juices. Just remembering that evening at the Company event was enough to send a tingle through my stomach and cause my nipples to crinkle and harden bride naked on wedding night her caresses xxx bride rape stories

I know it is hard to understand why bride hardcore I still react to it as I do. The sheer lust was so overwhelming and spontaneous. I had to get my mind off that, so I went into the bath room, fixed my hair, and applied my make-up for the day. I slipped off my robe and stood naked before the mirror. My eyes scanned every part of my body, looking for any tell-tale signs of sexual activity That Monty or the girls would notice. Seeing none made me more confident in the meeting with Jake. I let my fingers slip into my pussy, feeling the soreness that the bottle had left. After a night of rest, most of it had disappeared. Outside of that, I felt very good

For some unknown reason, I russian brides sluts put off getting dressed. Was I still anticipating Jake's arrival? I busied myself with doing some laundry and ran the vacuum cleaner in the family room and living room. Time slipped away as I moved about my house. I heard the phone ring and rushed to get it. It was on the third ring when I said "Hello husband wife porn naked foreign brides

"Hello, my married slut!" bridal fucking I heard Jake's deep voice ring in my ear. "Did you think that I had forgotten you?

"No, Jake. bride fucked You said you would call and I have been waiting for you" I answered sexy bride wedding sex

"I had some important things to take care bride pictures sexy of this morning." He said, "But I have finished, now. How are you dressed?

I started to bride fuck galleries lie about my nakedness, and then remembered that I wanted him to be in a good mood when I confronted him with my decision to stop the affair. "I am as you have asked me to be, Jake." I replied. "Completely naked! porn wife brides bondage

"That's a good bride & wedding & slut & humiliation way for my slut to be." He chuckled, "How is your pussy after the stretching yesterday?

"Jake! Please don't talk like that. I fuck my bride have important things to talk to you about." I said

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"Answer me! Slut! rape of the bride Are you forgetting your manners? I'm the only one that has important things to say." He growled

"I'm sorry, Jake!" My confidence leaving me as I stammered my horny brides galleries reply. "It is a little sore still.

"Can you fuck with it? Or do I have to use virgin bride pictures your mouth and ass, again?" He demanded

"Yes, Jake. I can fuck with it russian slut brides but I need to talk to you, too." I replied meekly

"Ok, my little married slut. Save stories of new bride getting raped it till I get there. Oh, one other thing. Do you have a video player?" He asked

"Yes, there is one bride porn in the family room." I answered